“I live for her, without knowing if its me who found her or if she has found me…” (Andrea Bocelli)

Composer and singer born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she obtains a Bachelor in Composition in the Escuela Universitaria de Música. In the meanwhile she also studies singing with private teachers, participating in many concerts with distinguished musicians and opera productions.
Maia soon moves to Lyon, France, where she continues her studies, obtaining a Master degree in Composition for Audiovisual Media (Master MAAAV) in the Université Lyon 2, while still studying singing in the Conservatory of Lyon and Centre de la Voix Rhône Alpes. After completing her studies in composition, Maia obtained a Bachelor in Opera singing from the Maastricht Conservatorium, in the Netherlands. She is currently pursuing a Master in Music with singing specialization in Fontys School of Arts, in Tilburg, where she is researching how to combine sound healing and music creation.

As a composer, Maia has created a lot of music for short films, video games, theatre plays and other type of interdisciplinary projects. Many of her compositions have been awarded prizes in Uruguay and France (“GUAU! UN MUSICAL DE PELOS”, “EXAMEN”, Opera “EJE”, CONCOURS FESTYVOCAL).

As a singer, Maia has participated in concerts, interdisciplinary projects and Opera productions in Uruguay, Spain, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, where she has sung in venues such as the Philarmonie de Paris, Auditorium de Lyon, Teatro Solis or the Grand Théâtre de Gèneve. Without forgetting her roots, Maia has been the main vocalist of the folklore’s group “Los Franchaleros”, and she is currently involved in the project “Dos esquinas” with Viola and Bandoneon player Oscar Quiñones, performing Tango and folklore music from Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico.

Engaged with humanitarian causes, Maia has collaborated with “Música para el alma”, giving concerts in hospitals, eventide homes, schools and other places. She has also created “ProjectA”, a project that aims to give meaningful messages through interdisciplinary performances. Beyond her musicianship, Maia has also a collection of illustration and poetry, and she has recently published her first book “Versos desde el alma”.