an overview of DIFFERENT MUSIC projects I have WORKED ON

These are some of the projects where Maia has participated as a singer:


  • Dos Esquinas Tango and More, various cities, the Netherlands
  • A Sonic Oasis, various cities, the Netherlands
  • Magu Project & Manifiesto, various cities, the Netherlands and Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Ethno Studio Germany. Jeunesses Musicales International. Limburgerhof, Germany
  • Ethno Catalonia. Jeunesses Musicales International. Banyoles, Spain
  • “La Traviata”. Role of Flora and chorus. Opera Compact. Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Dos Esquinas Project. Various cities, Netherlands
  • Ethno Sweden. Jeunesses Musicales International. Rättvik, Sweden
  • Ethno Flanders. Jeunesses Musicales International. Eeklo, Belgium
  • Dos Esquinas Project Concerts. Various cities, Netherlands
  • Ethno USA. Jeunesses Musicales International. Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States
  • Ethno Croatia. Jeunesses Musicales International. Zagreb, Croatia
  • “La Serva Padrona”, role of Uberto (female version). Muziektheatre Hollands Diep. Dordrecht, the Netherlands
  • Eoa Lab – European Opera Academy, innovation in opera. Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Soloist singer with various ensembles and musicians. Latin America and Europe
  • “Concert pour un Masseur” Tal Issac Hadad. Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon, France
  • Jeune Choeur Symphonique, Spirito. Lyon, France
  • Choeur National de Jeunes. France
  • “Einstein on the Beach”, chorus member. Philip Glass. Grand Théâtre de Genève. Cond: Titus Engel. Geneva, Switzerland
  • “Cosí Fan Tutte”, chorus member. W.A. Mozart. Opera Joven. Cond: Esteban Louise. Sala Zitarrosa. Montevideo, Uruguay
  • “Broadway Review”. E Company de Washington. Auditorio Vaz Ferreira, Sodre. Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Compania “Tadeo” (Ópera and Zarzuela). Montevideo, Uruguay
  • “Don Pasquale”, chorus member. G. Donizetti. Teatro Solís, Filarmónica de Montevideo. Cond: Martin Jorge. Teatro Solís. Montevideo, Uruguay
  • “L’Eau Merveilleuse”, role of Argentine. Albert Grisar. Cond: Blandine Thiery. Atrium de Tassin-la-Demi Lune, France

  • Les papillons de Risha (France, 2018)
  • Pachamama : an ode to Mother Earth (Tilburg, the Netherlands, 2022)
  • It’s just a phase (Tilburg, the Netherlands, 2023)
  • Venus – Makers marathon Curiosity café (Tilburg, the Netherlands, 2023)


Symphonic works / Opera:

  • Per asper ad Astra for symphonic orchestra and solo singer (2013)
  • Fantasía popular for symphonic orchestra (2015)
  • Opera “EJE” for chamber orchestra (Piano version available) (2015)
  • Micro-Opera “Ruaj” for chamber orchestra and solo singer (2019)
  • Ciné concert “Ascencion” for children orchestra (2018)
  • Oda a Pachamama for chamber orchestra and voice. (2023)

Choral music:

Chamber music:

  • Ama, hombre, ama (2013) – Voice and piano
  • Interrogantes (2013) – Voice and piano (Brass ensemble version available)
  • Llanto (2013) – Voice and piano
  • Una flor (2013) – Voice and piano
  • Himno a la música (2014) – Two voices and piano
  • Fantasía popular (2014) – String quartet
  • Little victims of war (2015) – String quartet
  • Tango de los infelices (2015) – Voice and piano
  • El viaje de un soñador (2016) – Violin and piano
  • Le poème de l’âme (2017) – Voice and harp
  • Bienvenido al amor (2018) – Voice and piano
  • Caras del candombe (2018) – Saxophone and piano (Wind quintet version available)
  • Dream (2020) – Voice and piano
  • Oda a Pachamama (2023) – Voice and piano – Winner of contest “Hablemos de compositoras” by Lirica Disidente (2023, Chile). LISTEN HERE
  • Ration Vibe (2023) – String quartet and brainwaves. LISTEN HERE 
  • Voces de mujer (2024) – Clarinet, violoncello and singer
  • Submarina. (by Alicia Dogliotti. Uruguay, 2015)
  • Guau! un musical de pelos (by Jimena Arrosa and Avo Perez. Uruguay, 2016)
  • Les mille et une nuits (by Georges Poirier. France, 2017) 
  • Polytech Talent 5 (France, 2017) 
  • Limbes (by Roman Benkantil. France, 2018) LISTEN HERE
  • La colonie de Marivaux (by Georges Poirier. France, 2018)
  • Corneille et Le Cid (by Georges Poirier. France, 2019)
  • Lilith (by Jasmina Bilalovik. Macedonia, 2023) LISTEN HERE 
  • Examen (by Helena Senda. Uruguay, 2015 – Movida Joven prize)
  • Samsara (by Helena Senda. Uruguay, 2016)
  • Individuel (by Clelia Martini. France, 2017)
  • La lègende de la llorona (by Melissa Trouble. France, 2018)
  • Outre tombe (by Clelia Martini. France, 2018)
  • Aki (by Audrey Rechou. France, 2018)
  • ACROCS (by Amelie Faucon France, 2018)
  • 2002 : Historia de un pequeño fin del mundo. (by Manuel Botana. Uruguay, 2020)
  • Animale (by Jody Geisendorpher. Netherlands, 2023)

  • Sound designer & composer – Global game jam. École Ynov, Lyon, France, 2016
  • Sound designer & composer – Global game jam. École Ynov, Lyon, France, 2017
  • Sound designer & composer – Scientific game jam, Maker faire. La Casemate, Grenoble, France, 2017
  • Sound designer & composer – Scientific game jam. La Casemate, Grenoble, France, 2018

Since an early age, Maia has been writing songs, having more than 200 in her collection. Most of them have not been recorded or released yet, soon you will have access to more material. Stay tuned! 


“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words”

Victor Hugo