Project A is devoted to creating new interdisciplinary performances, mixing elements from different artistic expressions, sound healing, poetry, and inspiring messages for audiences.


We strive to give a voice to societal issues through our performances, offering creative perspectives on themes like environmental sustainability, coexistence, and inclusion.


Mixing soundscapes, binaural beats, dance, medicine songs, and audiovisuals, this interdisciplinary performance takes the audience on a journey to the heart of the four elements, fostering a deeper appreciation and connection with the surrounding nature.

An innovative experience, PACHAMAMA aims to reconnect us with the beauty and value of nature as a whole, promoting sustainability through artistic creation and blending sound healing with music composition.

Creating awareness, surprise, and connection among audiences, PACHAMAMA establishes a collective space for meditation and unites people in the shared intention of embracing our Mother Earth.

Created and performed in Tilburg, the Netherlands, in 2022


An interdisciplinary performance featuring three musicians and a dancer in a public space. It explores the way we humans relate to our planet Earth through different perspectives given by traditional and folk songs from different cultures around the world.


Featuring : David Bello Arcos (Saxophone), Lucas Zampaglione (Guitar), Joana Carvalho (Dance), Maia Steinberg (Singing, Shruti Box)

Created and performed in Tilburg, the Netherlands, in 2023.


 “Hineh matov umanaim, shevet ajim gam iajad” (“Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to live together in unity”)

Featuring four singers, two instrumentists and an actor, ¨Unis par la musique¨ is an interdisciplinary creation involving music and theatre, conceived to show that we share the same values as human beings no matter our beliefs.

Featuring : Caroline Alkinani, Margaux Frémy, Maia Steinberg, Leire Viscarret, Romain Benkandil, Marco Busetta, Nikos Siderakis, Aurelie Santamarina.

Created and performed in Lyon, France, in collaboration with “Coexister” association, in 2017


An innovative opera-ballet around the subject of dancing with disability, aiming to create a collaboration between abled and disabled dancers,  highlighting the beauty of our bodies as they are.


Libretto : Alicia Dogliotti – Music : Maia Steinberg x ProjectA


The opera has been awarded a National Music Prize in Montevideo, Uruguay (2016) and the Prix des Trophées Jeunes Ambassadeurs (Rhône Alpes, 2018). 

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