ProjectA collects songs from different cultures that are relevant to the vision of the project and that are the base for all of the activities.

This research involves, on one side, the exploration of traditional and folklore songs from different cultures that carry the power to bring people together through their messages and stories.

On the other side, there is an exploration of mantras and new medicine songs from different cultures that can be used to enhance our wellbeing and inspire people.

This research is driven by the desire of paying respect and better understanding the power and significance of certain traditions and songs that in many cases are presented in workshops out of their context. 

We believe in songs and music heritage as a powerful tool that needs to be approached with respect and understanding, without creating any cultural appropriation.

The research part is the base of the materials used for both the workshops and the performances/creation parts of Project A.

Representing Project A’s research, artist and founder Maia Steinberg has been travelling to different countries and collecting songs from different cultures including: Argentina, Italy, USA, Macedonia, Israel, Croatia, Catalunya, England, among many others. 

Many of these songs are also new, used in singing circles and in therapeutical settings where they enhance people’s lives. 

Here are some examples of songs:

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